Valor performs National Anthem for NFL and Major League baseball

Continuing their regular appearances at NBA venues, Valor now brings their unique rendition of the National Anthem to a wider range of professional sporting events.

After Valor opened an Oakland Raiders vs. St. Louis Rams game, Karen Kovac, Game Day Entertainment for the Oakland Raiders said,

"The buzz around the Raider office today was all about Valor - your amazing presence and distinctive harmonies.

"Your voices are astonishing in clarity and depth.... From the first note, our fans knew your sound was something extraordinary.... The respect and dignity given in your performance reminds us what a great country this is and how proud we are to be Americans.

"...Remember, some of your biggest fans are in the Raider Nation."

Valor also performed for an Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Washington Nationals game. Casey Wilcox, Director of Game Operations and Entertainment said,

"Valor's uplifting, inspirational, and unique renditions of the National Anthem and God Bless America... were a perfect fit for the September 11th Remembrance at Chase Field in 2006. The performance received numerous compliments from team executives, employees, and fans. ...It truly was a memorable performance. In one word: Amazing!!!"

Valor performs the Anthem at Raiders/Rams game. Click on thumbnail for full photograph.



Valor meets singer Lee Greenwood

BRANSON, MO - Valor was honored to meet Lee Greenwood, award-winning singer and author of "God Bless the U.S.A." In 2003 - the 20 year anniversary of its release - "God Bless the U.S.A." was voted online by Americans as the "most recognizable patriotic song" in the nation.

Valor often closes their concerts with this beautiful prayer to God for our nation, paying tribute to our military personnel who sacrifice to preserve the blessing of our freedom.

Valor with singer Lee Greenwood. Click on thumbnail for full photograph.




Valor's unique rendition of the national anthem heard throughout the NBA

Valor was invited to open multiple NBA play-off games across the country with their signature version of the National Anthem. 

"The group Valor is fantastic! The gentlemen all have incredible voices, and the combination of their unique sound is amazing! Their rendition of the national anthem was absolutely outstanding and wowed a sellout crowd at our 2006 Play-off Game. Valor's professionalism makes them a joy to work with in addition to their astounding performance."
La'Shaina Dickerson, Game Presentation Manager, Cleveland Cavaliers

"I have covered hundreds of sporting events. I was inspired by Valor's rendition of the national anthem. It's one of the best versions I've ever heard. The reaction from the crowd in Dallas showed I wasn't alone in my feelings."
Alex Flanagan, ESPN

"We had Valor out to do the Anthem on Memorial Day weekend 2006 during the Eastern Conference Finals ... Simply amazing! And an absolute pleasure to work with - very professional!"
Tim Dameron, Game Presentation Manager, 2004 NBA Champion Detroit Pistons

"Excellent ... it was as original a version as I've ever heard."
Rob Strikwerda, Los Angeles Clippers

In addition to NBA Eastern Conference Play-off Game 4 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Detroit Pistons, Valor also performed at the NBA Western Conference Semi-Finals Game 7 match-up between the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks, capped off with the Western Conference Finals Game 3 at Phoenix where the Suns faced the Dallas Mavericks.

Cleveland Cleveland
Pistons gameDetroit Pistons gameDetroit
San Antonio San Antonio
Phoenix Phoenix
With Marc Cuban, Owner, Dallas Mavericks With Del Harris, Assistant Coach, Dallas Mavericks


Barbara Bush and Valor Aid Freed-Hardeman Advisory Board Benefit

HENDERSON, TN - Former First Lady Barbara Bush provided the address and Valor presented the evening's entertainment for the 41st annual Advisory Board Benefit Dinner at Freed-Hardeman University. The Benefit Dinner raised over $1.2 million for Christian Education scholarships. Valor's concert featured selections from their upcoming patriotic project scheduled for a Summer 2006 release.

Click on thumbnail for full photograph. Pictured left to right are: Benjamin Dixon, Kelly Mowrer, Mrs. Barbara Bush, John Laws, Paul David Kennamer, Jr..



Valor Performs at Spurs/Suns Game

SAN ANTONIO, TX - Valor performs to a sell-out crowd for the 2005 NBA Champions,
San Antonio Spurs versus Phoenix Suns. Opening the game with their unique
version of the National Anthem, Valor then provided the half-time entertainment
at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Valor sings The Star Spangled Banner on the court at Spurs/Suns game.
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Valor Hits All The Right Notes with Audio-Technica's Artist Elite Series

HUNTSVILLE, AL - Valor, one of gospel music's up-and-coming groups, is packing the houses on its current tour. The Huntsville, Alabama-based Christian performers have been working together for five years, and have found an ideal sonic match with the Audio-Technica Artist Elite 4000 Series UHF Wireless System and the acclaimed AEW-T3300 and AEW-T5400 cardioid condenser handheld transmitters.

"The search for the perfect wireless microphone was a long one but worth it," says Paul Kennamer, Sr., Valor's manager. "We needed a microphone that could handle low frequencies well. At one point, Paul David, who sings bass, reaches a note four octaves below middle C. Audio-Technica has the only wireless we have found that can handle that."

Each vocalist in Valor has high praise for how well the A-T 4000 Series Wireless System and Artist Elite microphones perform. "We go into a number of situations where available UHF frequencies have to be found quickly, and the Artist Elite Series does it beautifully, making set-up a breeze," comments singer and engineer John Laws. "One of the main things that has impressed me about the 4000 Series wireless mics is that they'll handle a gutsy scream right up against the mic and a whisper at a distance, and everything in between."

Bass singer Paul David Kennamer, Jr. is equally effusive. "In our particular genre, so much of the time our voices actually become the instrument, and Valor's approach to music stylistically puts an even greater amount of emphasis on vocals," he explains. "We"ll really put a mic through its paces, testing the full range of performance from high tenor to low bass. We've tried a number of wireless microphones and found what we needed at both ends of the spectrum with the Audio-Technica 3300 and 5400 handheld microphones. Conventional wisdom used to hold that if you were going to sing bass, a hard-wired mic was an absolute must. The Audio-Technica 5400 makes this notion obsolete. We have found no other wireless mic that can touch it for performance. It has an incredible ability to handle low frequencies."

Vocalist Ben Dixon weighs in, adding, "The Artist Elite Series mics handle dynamics inherent in delivering a high quality performance. They meet the challenge unlike any other mic I've experienced."

Valor is also a fan of Audio-Technica in the studio. On their recordings they use the AT4050 as their premier vocal microphone. "I'm very impressed with not just the sensitivity of the AT4050, but its ability to handle high SPL, as well," says John Laws. "Its sensitivity, clarity and sound are things that I expect to find in much more expensive mics. It's an amazing amount of microphone for the money." Paul David Kennamer, Jr. expounds, "Valor's sound involves the lead singer surrounded by full, warm vocals, not just singing over the top of an instrumental track. With this intense focus on the voice, microphone capability becomes vitally important. We want to fully and accurately reproduce every detail of what we're doing. I use the AT4050 exclusively for recording our projects. Its performance in the studio gives us everything we want."

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Current Audio-Technica full-page ad featuring Valor, which has appeared in CCM, Singing News, Worship Leader, and other publications.